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copyright (©)

Legal monopoly that protects published or unpublished original work (for the duration of its author's life plus 50 years) from unauthorized duplication without due credit and compensation. Copyright covers not only books but also advertisements, articles, graphic designs, labels, letters (including emails), lyrics, ... more

How to Motivate and Retain Employees – Essentials Every Organization Should Know

It is imperative for any business organization to retain the top employees by means of motivation. An engaged workforce is a productive workforce.  Businesses cannot achieve desired goals without experienced and qualified staff. Therefore, organizations need to motivate their employees to obtain the best possible results for a long period of time. There are several techniques that businesses should consider...
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See Things From Their Point of View

by Tom Murcko

Allocentrism is the practice of trying to see things from others' points of view. This is very useful in business just as it is in life. There are many possible uses: negotiation, persuasion, teamwork, sales, marketing, and just about every other aspect of business. ...Read more

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