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Accounting: (1) Absorption of a cost through its allocation to an appropriate account. (2) Collection of receivables that were written off as bad debt.
Banking: Collection of a loan amount from a borrower in default.
Disaster planning: Activities or steps that are to be implemented after a disaster to return all ... more

Indiegogo vs. Kickstarter

When looking to start any kind of crowdfunding campaign you will pretty quickly come across the names Indiegogo and Kickstarter. These are the two main platforms in the crowdfunding business, though ... Read Full Article

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Keep Your Credit Score High

by Amy Fontinelle

When credit markets tighten, if anyone is going to get approved for a mortgage, credit card or other type of loan, it will be those with excellent credit. Things like paying your bills on time, keeping your oldest credit cards open, and keeping your ratio of debt to available credit low will help keep your credit score high. ...Read more

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