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Finance: A claim against the assets, or legal obligations of a person or organization, arising out of past or current transactions or actions. Liabilities require mandatory transfer of assets, or provision of services, at specified dates or in determinable future.
Accounting: Accounts and wages payable, accrued rent ... more

The Top 5 Inventions of All Time

While some people are lucky enough to discover the "next" penicillin, most inventions come from those who've dedicated their lives, or at least a significant portion of them, to understanding and ... Read Full Article

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Keep Learning

by Tom Murcko

Get out of your comfort zone. Don't be ruled by inertia. Don't just do what you're best at, keep learning and improving yourself and learning new skills. Read at least one business book every month. Encourage others to give you constructive criticism. Work on your weakness, whether it's time management, communication, math, strategic thinking, prioritization, time management, creativity, or whatev ...Read more

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