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Accounting: The gradual conversion of the cost of a tangible capital asset or fixed asset into an operational expense (called depreciation expense) over the asset's estimated useful life.

The objectives of computing depreciation are to (1) reflect reduction in the book value of the asset due to obsolescence ... more

Tips to Effective Marketing for Start-Ups

Starting a new business takes a lot of research and planning. The marketing portion of your business plan is one of the most important parts of your overall business strategy. Successful marketing ... Read Full Article

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How a Weak US Dollar Can be Good

by Wall Street Journal

When the U.S. dollar is weak, U.S. manufacturers have a competitive advantage -- they don't have to lower prices on exports to boost sales and capture market share overseas. Just by keeping prices steady, they benefit because the weak dollar means foreign buyers won't have to pay as much in their respective currencies. The profit margin on each unit is constant, so earnings go up. (from November 2 ...Read more

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