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An increase in a population in cities and towns versus rural areas. Urbanization began during the industrial revolution, when workers moved towards manufacturing hubs in cities to obtain jobs in factories as agricultural jobs became less common.

How to Finance Your Higher Education

Many high school students approaching graduation are concerned about how to finance education costs for college or for other types of training that can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the educational institution selected.Graduate and professional school programs — such as those providing law school, business medical school or dental school training —...
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Don't Launch a Startup Right Out of School

by Varun Gulati

Often, it makes sense to work for a professional organization (the bigger the company the better) before launching your own business. Doing so will allow you to see first-hand how mature, professional, successful companies handle their affairs - i.e. how do they evaluate employees, how do they analyze their business, how do they set a strategic vision etc. You will learn a number of small details ...Read more

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