Findings different apps and programs to support you in the work place can be overwhelming as the number of options out there is vast. This top 9 list will help you narrow down the options a bit and hopefully help you increase your productivity and save you some time.

1. Microsoft Office, Varies depending on programs purchased

At the top of the list is one that some don't even consider an option. Microsoft Office is standard in the work place and you'd be hard pressed to find a large company that doesn't utilize it. The most common programs are Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, which will help you with everything from creating spreadsheets and documents to managing e-mail and presentations. A host of additional programs fill out the suite, like Visio for flow charting, or Project for project management.

2. Business Dictionary, Free

This is a quick and easy to use app that provides you with over 30,000 definitions for various business, finance, and investing words. We've all been in the position of hearing a word in a meeting or seeing one in an e-mail that completely confounds us. This app will help you stay on top of those words and avoid having to ask unnecessary questions.

3. Dropbox, Free for basic and tiered pricing for higher storage volumes

This very useful program is not only for backing up your important files but you can also share folders and materials with other individuals. Dropbox is a very useful tool for companies that don't have dedicated file servers and for sharing information with parties that are outside your internal network.

4. Evernote, Free for basic, $5 a month for premium

Evernote is a very useful tool to help you with work and in your personal life. Best known for setting up to do lists and keeping notes easily at hand the software has also branched into managing travel itineraries and collecting research. Available from both your desktop and your smartphone this program can always be easily at hand.

5. Genius Scan, $3

Getting a digital record of notes or presentations can be difficult. This useful app lets you take pictures as JPEG or PDF formats so you can keep a digital record of receipts, notes, or even a whiteboard presentation.

6. Cisco WebEx Meetings, Free

Keeping on top of meetings and calls when you're on the road can be a bit of a hassle. Cisco WebEx lets you set up video calls or conference calls easily with the tough of a few buttons and is easier to use than many of the conference code toll free numbers many businesses use now.

7. Mileage Tracker, $2.99

While not important for everyone there are a lot of small business owners and mobile employees for whom tracking mileage is a time consuming necessity. This app quickly lets you input the information as you go and also exports the data in a spreadsheet format on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

8. LogMeIn Ignition, $29.99

This app is incredibly useful when you need to access something from your work computer but are on the go. You can remotely log into and control your computer as need be and view any document or file remotely, a bit saver if you've forgotten something at the office.

9. Asana, Free for up to 15 team members

Another team management tool Asana lets you share task lists with your team and also assign items to specific team members with their set due dates. The program is integrated with Dropbox so you can quickly share and attach files relevant to the tasks.