Sketch is a vector based graphics software by Bohemian Coding exclusively for Mac that streamlines the UI/UX design process. It contains a collection of vector design tools that anyone of any skill level can learn with ease. Whether you're creating business cards, a fully responsive website, or a new icon for your app, Sketch makes it a breeze to get started.
In a world where designing "mobile-first" is the new standard, Sketch makes it incredibly easy to create, display, and export your responsive designs. This software provides you with a broad range of templates from iOS devices to paper sizes. With each Sketch update, new templates are added to keep you up to date with the latest dimensional sizes. The intuitive interface and clearly defined tools leave no guesswork interfering with your ability to design.

One key feature of Sketch is it's Mirror App for iOS devices. This tool allows you to see live previews of your design on your device of choice. You can make changes in your document and see them in real time on any screen you have synced. I use this tool constantly for testing mobile application designs and responding to feedback at soon as it happens. What a time saver!

Sketch also helps you produce code-friendly designs by translating your elements into CSS attributes. Sketch can create CSS declarations for borders, fills, gradients, shadows and text styles so you can easily take your design from static mockup to real HTML.

Other useful features include:
• Multiple exporting sizes that support retina display
• Smart guides and built in grids for pixel-perfect alignment
• Excellent font rendering
• iOS-7 style background blur
• 100% vector-based images for complete scalability

While Sketch has its many strengths, there are still a few features missing. Sketch is exclusively for Mac and iOS devices which alienates Android-based users. There is no Mirror App for Android devices which can be a deterrent for some users. It also suffers from poor color management and hex color codes may need to be tweaked before exporting. However, there is a reliable community of Sketch users who offer support, free plugins, tutorials, and other templates to temporarily solve these issues. Overall, the speed and simplicity of Sketch often outweigh the annoyance of these pitfalls.
Sketch Mirror App

Sketch is a fraction of the cost of its competitors and include special pricing options for students and teachers. Try out their 14 day free trial period and see if Sketch integrates with your workflow.