Adobe Photoshop is still the leader and industry standard for image editing software. However, with the new Creative Cloud release it has become more versatile and is now a staple for print designers, web designers, video professionals and more. You can now polish your LinkedIn profile photo, create elements for your website, and edit your videos all within the same program.
Photoshop's interface is clean and uncluttered with endless options to customize your work space. You can choose from several default work spaces to display tools that are essential for your project; such as 3D imaging , video editing, painting and more. The software also automates tasks and speeds up production with batch processing, history tracking and scripts.

One of its most useful features is the content-aware fill and patch tool. This allows you to remove distracting elements with enhanced color and texture blending. Essentially, Photoshop will try to guess what that section you've selected is supposed to look like.

Adobe Photoshop CC automatically saves versions of your document as you work, in case you forget to save or a crash occurs. While this feature can bulk up the size of your files it saves you precious hours and a lot of frustration when you start to work on larger projects.

Other helpful features include:
  • 3D design capability
  • Synced libraries for your photo galleries
  • Complimentary mobile apps (Adobe Photoshop Express)
  • Dehaze control for blurry images
  • Modernized "Save for Web" export options
However, all these incredible features mean a steep learning curve for beginners. New users will need patience to navigate through the interface and learn all of the tools with their various options. Adobe has a supportive community that have tutorials, resources, and popular FAQs that can help ease anyone of any skill level into Photoshop. You can practice using real source files and learn key techniques to master the fundamentals of Adobe Photoshop CC.

Best of all, users now have access to Adobe Photoshop CC for a reasonable monthly fee when they subscribe to the new Adobe Creative Cloud service. All new features and improvements will automatically upload for users on a daily bases. Users can customize what software they would like in their package, including Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Lightroom CC, and so many more. Want a test run? No problem, download their 30 day free trial to see if Adobe Photoshop CC fits your workflow.