Office politics seem to be integrated into our society these days and unfortunately, they can be quite damaging, both personally and for the morale of the workplace. It can be quite easy to get swept up in office politics and before you know it, you are spending half your day in a negative frame of mind. It is important to remember that you are only there to do a job and in the grand scheme of things, none of the office politics really matter. Unfortunately, when you work for an employer, they make the decisions and no amount of complaining can change that. If you find that office politics is quite prevalent in your workplace, these are some ways to handle it.

Don't Gossip

Some people love to gossip about others and live in a constant state of negativity. This can be quite difficult to avoid and rather than becoming an outsider, many of us tend to join in but this can be very damaging for your state of mind. If your colleagues are gossiping or complaining about the office, allow them to do so but don't permit yourself to join in. If you are feeling that it's getting on top of you, don't be afraid to tell them that you don't want to hear it. Office politics are a waste of energy and could easily end up having an effect on how you feel about going to your job every day.

Be Positive

If you are a positive person who gets on with their job and helps others, no one can complain about you. It can be difficult to retain a positive state of mind when those around you are negative, but you will feel much better about yourself if you manage to refrain from this. Whether you realize it or not, the office politics are probably not going unnoticed by your employer and by staying positive, you will stand out from the others.


If you feel that the office politics are getting to you or that someone is trying to sabotage your job, don't be afraid to communicate this and speak your mind. Work is where most people spend the majority of their time and if the atmosphere is consistently negative, it can be highly detrimental to your state of mind. It may be that you can speak confidentially to someone, who might be able to offer you some advice and support.

New Opportunities

There is only so much anyone can cope with office politics and if your place of work is consistently negative, it may be time to look at moving on. If you have spoken up about the office politics and it isn't improving any, it will end up dragging you down. Sometimes it is just not worth it, so if it is getting to a point where you are dreading your work, it may be worth finding another source of employment. This is obviously a last resort but it is worth considering if the office politics are really getting on top of you.