For many people, the dream of owning their own business and becoming their own boss motivates them to take action. Some turn to the internet and technology-based business plans while others seek more traditional paths to entrepreneurship. Here's a sampling of success stories from a variety of entrepreneurs:
Killer Aces Media - Community Blogging Publishers

Three young adults who had been friends since high school decided to create an internet publishing company. Will, Lynn and Greg established Killer Aces Media, and the very successful was created in December 2006. The concept of Wisebread, and several other internet entities they own, is to provide quality content by multiple bloggers - while paying the contributing bloggers a competitive compensation for their efforts. is ranked #10,455 in the world according to the three-month Alexa traffic rankings as of August 2011.

Andrew and Daryl Grant - Internet Marketing Experts

Andrew and Daryl Grant of Australia started out as over-worked employees of large corporations. They were making a lot of money, but they were working all the time. They started thinking about ways to make money without having to work as many hours and tried a number of different business models across several different industries from real estate to finance to business consulting. At one point, they tried using their existing skills and consulting for businesses, and while they were great at what they did and were still able to bring in a lot of money - they were still directly trading their time for money. They later discovered how to generate passive income through selling ebooks and other information products online, and through the creation of membership sites.

Income earned through selling information products and receiving membership fees from website visitors is considered passive income because the products are created once - listed for sale - and then can be sold over and over again without the need for doing additional work. Orders are filled automatically through technology and the couple spends their time setting up marketing strategies to bring new potential buyers to each of their product websites.
Their first year selling ebooks resulted in $250,000 in sales. Once they fine tuned their processes, they began showing other internet marketing wanna-be's their step-by-step processes. The Grant's often joint venture with potential business owners- and in exchange for their experience and assistance in setting up an internet business - the joint venture partners pay the Grant's a fee for the training and then a percentage of all sales their newly started businesses generate.

David and Erin Oliveira - Franchise Owners

David and Erin Oliveira - a Massachusetts couple currently living in upstate New York, decided to take a more traditional route to entrepreneurship. Instead of looking to the internet for a business opportunity, the couple decided to purchase a Dunkin' Donuts Franchise.

The husband and wife team worked as general managers, store managers and bakery managers within an existing operation of Dunkin' Donuts shops - to gain experience under a man who owns 14 Dunkin' locations in upstate NY and is the owner or partial owner of several more in the Massachusetts area. Once they learned the business operations inside and out, the couple purchased half ownership of their own Dunkin' Donuts shop from the man they had been working for; and will later buy out the rest as the store continues to generate income.