Trying to find a new employee can be a challenge, especially if you are replacing another employee that performed well. Even if you were hiring an employee for a new position, matching a prospective employee's qualifications to the activities they are expected to perform could take some time.
The first course of action in finding a new employee is through personal references. Letting others know about the available position and doing a fair amount of networking locally can yield results rather quickly. In addition, you would be working with people from your own community.

Best Places to Find a New Employee

After looking locally, you can attempt to fill the position by advertising in local newspapers, the Internet or in trade magazines depending on the type of business you are involved in. If you manage a larger business, seeking the services of a professional head hunter or staffing agency might fill your needs.

Tapping local colleges and universities for a new employee can also yield results. Many higher education schools have career centers or other types of assistance for graduating students to place them in jobs. Registering your company with these institutions could get you the right employee for the job.

If the job you are seeking to fill is of a more specialized nature, placing an ad in a trade magazine that covers your industry will help you find someone professional that is familiar with the business. Advertising in the right places will generally get you the right person with qualifications for the job.

What Really Matters

In today's hectic world, matching qualifications and technical knowledge in a trade or profession has become the priority for many people hiring. Sadly, many of a person's most important characteristics are overlooked in the search for a perfect candidate.

The ability to be a team player, communicate and be willing to learn, as well as the integrity, honesty and intelligence of the prospective employee should always be taken into account. Regardless of how technically proficient or otherwise talented a person might be, without the character traits previously mentioned, they may not turn out to be the best employees.