Whatever sales industry you work in, the first step is always going to be the same: to qualify your sales leads to determine how good of a fit they are (or not).

This process requires taking the time to learn enough about them to figure out:
  • How much of your time are they worth? Not everyone is going to be a good fit, and figuring this out early on in the process will save you valuable time you could be spending with other clients.
  • What elements of your offers would be the best fit for them? Do a quick scan of your available offers to see how you can best serve your prospective clients needs.
  • What does their budget look like? While it sometimes makes sense to work with prospective clients on a trial basis, making sure they can ultimately afford your services is a big consideration when qualifying a lead.
  • Do they have a good reputation? Clients with a good history of payments who are easy to work with will save you time and stress down the road and make for a much better business relationship.
After reviewing these questions and deciding they are indeed a qualified lead, customize your response note based on the answers to these questions. You will not only appear informed, but you will be able to serve your clients more efficiently by delivering up offers that are truly right for them.