When discussing computers and what the best one for you to buy, the topics of ROM and RAM often come up. So you need a computer with a lot of memory, what do you want when it comes to RAM vs. ROM? Well, the answer is both.
ROM (Read only Memory) refers to your hard drive and where the programs and other items saved on your computer are. A lot of ROM means you can install more programs and save more movies and pictures onto your hard drive. ROM memory also stays there when you turn the computer off, your programs and movies are still there the next time you turn on.

RAM (Random Access Memory) refers to the memory chip where information is kept when you are actually using it. A lot of RAM means your programs run more quickly (as the running programs can keep more here to be accessed immediately). RAM memory is lost when the computer turns off, so those annoying times when you lost work was because the work was not saved to the hard drive before the computer turned off.

A common analogy to frame the difference here is to think of ROM as your filing cabinet, all of your files are kept there until you need them. RAM is your desk, when you're working you have things there so you can use them quickly but you wouldn't want to have your whole filing cabinet out on your desk.