Boolean algebra



Study of mathematical operations performed on certain variables (called binary variables) that can have only two values: true (represented by 1) or false (represented by 0). It provides a set of rules (called Boolean logic) that are indispensable in digital computer-circuit and switching-circuit design. Boolean operation are carried out with algebraic operators (called Boolean operators), the most basic of which are NOT, AND, and OR. Named after its inventor, the UK mathematician and computer pioneer George Boole (1815-65).
See also Boolean search.

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  • My boss requested that I create an algorithm using Boolean Algebra, rather than traditional elementary, as it is common in programming languages.

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  • The boolean algebra calculation was useful in determining the psychological or strategic likely outcomes of the individual decision making and understanding their impact on profit.

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  • I was really bad at boolean algebra and my friend even told me that he was embarrassed by my poor ability to do it.

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