Brix (°bx)

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Relative density scale used in sugar and winemaking industry, it indicates the percent of cane sugar (sucrose) by weight (grams per 100 milliliter of water) in a solution or juice of unfermented grapes in degrees Brix (°Bx). The most commonly used refractrometer scale for measuring solids dissolved in water, it corresponds directly to the refractive index scale. One °Bx equals one percent and, in winemaking, the alcohol concentration of the finished wine is estimated to be 0.55 times the °Bx of the grape juice. Named after the 19th century Austrian scientist Adolf Brix who invented a hydrometer that reads directly the percentage of sugar at a specified temperature.

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You will need to know how to properly read the brix and react to it as quickly as you can to make a quality product.
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When you are trying to get the best possible product you must know how to effectively gauge the level of the brix.
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The brix used by the chemist to create our special solution was carefully chosen after weeks of scientific testing in the lab.
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