DVD (Digital Video Disk)

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Digital medium consisting of two bonded 120 millimeter (4.75 inch) diameter and 0.66 MM thick polycarbonate substrates, each with reflective metalized layer and protective lacquer coating. Unlike a CD, a DVD is available in two versions: single-sided DVD can store from 4.7 to 17 gigabytes of data, and offers a data transfer rate of 4.7 megabits per second; a double-sided DVD can store 133 minutes (or longer with compression or at lower resolution) of full-motion video or a full length Hollywood movie at high resolution with 8 sound tracks, or 592 minutes of music on 6 audio channels. The term 'Digital Video Disk' is now archaic and the medium is referred to only as 'DVD.' All DVD drives can read CDs.
Also called DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM, or DVD-Video.

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