Hawthorne effect

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Observation that employee motivation is affected as much or more by recognition and show of concern, as it is by improvements in their work conditions. Observed by the US productivity researcher George Elton Mayo (1810-1949), during 1927 to 1933 at the Hawthorne (Illinois) plant of Western Electric company (where he was assessing the effects of lighting conditions). He reported that the worker performance went up and up whether the lighting was good or bad, because (presumably) workers were responding to the management's show of concern for their problems. This study was later severely criticized as too skimpy and unscientific to be of any practical value.

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I did not agree with the Hawthorne Effect and had my own ideas on employees and what motivates them in the workplace.
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The Hawthorne effect was mentioned during the meeting between management so a focus on employee morale was decided to be the best option.
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The Hawthorne Effect may cause unforeseen circumstances to arise but you must do your best to keep moving in the right direction.
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