Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

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Standard text based computer language for creating electronic (hypertext) documents for the web or offline uses. Being a 'markup' language, the value of HTML lies not so much in designing a visual structure (fonts, line spacing, layout, etc.) of an electronic document but in formulating its logical structure. The logical structure permits 'intelligent' information processing that is a prerequisite for the information's organization, indexation, communication, and discovery on the web. HTML supports inclusion of audio, video, and animation into an electronic document through helper software such as ActiveX, Java applets, Quick-Time.
See also Extensible Markup Language. Abbreviated HTML.

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You may want to learn how to use hypertext markup language to your advantage to speed up certain jobs and projects.
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You should familiarize yourself with hypertext markup language and try to implement it if you think the time is right.
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The latest webmail upgrade was completely worthless because it is fundamentally the same but the interface is confusingly different, as if they changed the style sheets without touching the Hypertext Markup Language.
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