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New generation, general purpose, versatile programming language that can run on virtually any type of computer (is 'platform and device independent'). Developed in 1995 by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems specifically for network-heavy environments such as internet and enterprise intranets), it is a major part of the information infrastructure being developed all over the world. Like the C++ language (on which it is based) Java is object oriented: meaning its programs are built with 'modules' of code (like the Lego bricks) which can be employed in building new programs without rewriting the same code.
However (unlike C++) it is an interpreted language and therefore has longer execution time than the compiled languages, although the gap has considerably narrowed over the last few years.

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Java can be a great program that is used on millions of products world wide every day and is necessary in many peoples everyday lives.
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Mr. Heartwell enthusiastically told us that, for the rest of the semester, our main focus would be learning about Java and its importance in the future of technology.
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To be competitive in the job market today, it is a good idea to have as many web skills as you can inquire including website design and a solid foundation in writing code in JAVA.
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