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Philosophical principle that suggests that a government's involvement in civil economical and social matters should be limited, and that the issues should be settled amongst civilians. Libertarianism seeks to provide free-will participants the ability to make decisive decisions without the government determining or influencing the outcome, as long as it does not harm other individuals. Libertarianism is based off the belief that each individual owns every aspect of their lives and thus should have the ability to control it. Libertarians strongly believe that through these shared principles, they are able to establish a more fruitful and peaceful society.
Libertarianism traces its roots back to the early 1890s as societies tried to escape anti-anarchist laws in France.

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Some companies are more than happy to have libertarianism on their side if they think it will lead to greater profits.
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Walter had always mistrusted the government and believed in the power of the people, but once he was elected to public office, his lifelong feelings of libertarianism began to wane.
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Most companies would prefer libertarianism instead of having the federal government be in all of their affairs and goings on.
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