Metric system

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Decimal system of weights and measures, devised in France in 1791 and now adopted by almost every country except a few such as the US. Originally called centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system and then meter-kilogram-second (MKS) system, since 1960 it is called Système International d'Unités or SI System or SI units. It comprises of seven base units: (1) kilogram (kg) for mass of matter, (2) mole (mol) for quantity of matter, (3) meter (m) for length, (4) second (s) for time, (5) kelvin (K) for temperature, (6) ampere (A) for electric current, (7) candela (cd) for luminous intensity.

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Yesterday I accidently switched the speedometers of my motorcycle to the metric system and could only see my speed in kilometers, it was a pain changing it back.
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Each time I encounter a weight or measurement which uses the metric system, I have a challenging time to convert it to the customary system which is still in use in the United States.
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The United States has been talking for years of adopting the metric system which is in use by almost every other country in the world.
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