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Social networking site that allows its users to create webpages to interact with other users. Users of the service are able to create blogs, upload videos and photos, and design profiles to showcase their interests and talents. Myspace has provided a place for users to meet new friends and keep in touch with people across the world. The site has grown tremendously since its inception in 2003 and has even launched the careers of some music artists and actors. The site has received backlash from critics who believe that some users use the service to stalk and prey on other users. To combat this issue, Myspace has developed privacy settings to allow users to specify who they would like to view their profile and personal information.
In 2005, the site was purchased by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporations and it operated under Fox Interactive Media.

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Myspace was huge back in the day but then facebook took over and Myspace was for the most part forgot about.
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Myspace was a pioneer and set a trend, as a matter of fact many bands still use the site today.
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Original users of MySpace eventually flocked to newer social networking websites such as Facebook and twitter, causing a rather sudden decline in what was once an extremely successful network.
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