S corporation

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Type of the US corporate structure in which the firm's income is passed through its stockholders (shareholders) in proportion of their investment, and taxed at personal income tax rates. S corporations ('S' stands for 'small') can have only one type of stock and only a limited number of stockholders. Also called subchapter S corporation.

For more information, see The Difference between an S Corporation and an LLC.

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When you are running a small business you should consider whether it makes sense to change over to an S corporation in order to save money on taxes.
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Mary's accountant reminded her that as a stockholder of an s corporation, she would have to report any earnings from that stock on her personal income taxes, but owning part of a small business was worth it.
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I was owning and operating my own small business and then suddenly I realized I could save money in taxes if I was declared an S Corporation.
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