Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

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Technology that allows voice to be carried over internet connections or other networks (which are not designed specifically to carry voice) using Internet Protocols (IP). Although comparatively inexpensive, this method (as yet) does not provide real full-duplex communications. It is because, unlike regular (circuit switched) phone networks, IP (packet switched) networks break the voice signals into chunks (packets) that arrive at the destination through different routes and at different intervals for reassembly in the correct order by the receiving device. This process often results in discernible gaps in the flow of a conversation.
Also called internet telephone, IP telephony.

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You should try to understand how the voice over internet protocol will affect the way you do business with some companies.
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While traditional landlines are still popular among many Americans, voice over internet protocol provides a reliable and cheap alternative for those savvy enough to understand the technology.
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My phone calls are transmitted using a computer network like the internet because the company that provides my phone service uses Voice Over Internet Protocol technology.
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