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Type of wireless technology that provides wireless internet service over longer distances than standard Wi-Fi. WiMax is based on standard IEEE 802.16 technology and can provide broadband wireless access up to 30 miles. WiMax uses fixed and mobile stations to provide users with access to high-speed voice, data, and Internet connectivity. WiMax technology has not been widely accepted by the technology community, but its popularity continues to grow as businesses and consumers seek out better ways to constantly stay connected.

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I can�t wait till Apple integrates WiMax technology into their laptops, because then I can get internet access just about anywhere in the city.
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Beginning In the summer of 2015, Sprint has plans to expand its market by rolling out its WiMax service throughout the metro Atlanta area.
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In order to serve people in remote locations with internet service, we have set up WiMax service in the city and have receivers available.
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