World Wide Web (W3) Consortium

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Group of representatives from the computer and communication industries whose objective is to expedite and manage the evolution of the web through the development of common standards (protocols). Established in 1994, it is jointly hosted by the Massachusetts Institute Of technology Laboratory For computer science (MIT-LCS) in the US, Institut National De Reserche En Informatique Et En Automatique (INRIA) in the European Union, and Keio University in Japan, and is directed by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web.

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You should always follow what is going on with the world wide web consortium and make sure you are up to date.
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With the help of the World Wide Web Consortium, access, development and advancement of digital communication and online interaction via the web has become standard and regimented.
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Tim Bernes-Lee leads the world wide web consortium in its tireless efforts to help the Web achieve its maximum potential.
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