World Wide Web (WWW)

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Collection of internet resources (such as FTP, telnet, Usenet), hyperlinked text, audio, and video files, and remote sites that can be accessed and searched by browsers based on standards such as HTTP and TCP/IP. Also called the web, it was created in 1989 by the UK physicist Tim Berners-Lee while working at the European Particle Physics Laboratory (called CERN after its French initials Conseil Europeen de Reserches Nucleaires) in Switzerland, as an easier way to access information scattered across the internet.

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Today if your business isn't on the world wide web then it is really at a disadvantage to other businesses.
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If you want to find good information on kangaroos, or koala bears, then the World Wide Web would be a good tool to use.
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Your company needs to be utilizing the world wide web if it wants to reach the most possible customers it can.
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