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1. General: Statement declaring something to be factual or true (or confirming something to be genuine) and certified by a competent authority. Also called verification.
2. Commerce: Written (or electronic) communication to the buyer that the seller has accepted the buyer's purchase order. This acknowledgement creates a binding contract on both parties.
3. Computing: Message (such as one used in 'handshaking' process between two modems) that indicates the status of communications received. Commonly written as ACK.
4. Law: (1) Formal declaration made under oath, or in the presence of a notary public or other competent authority.
(2) Avowal of debt after which the right of action to recover debt accrues to the debtor (and not before).
5. Marine insurance: Document issued to confirm that a particular shipment is covered under an insurance policy.

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The company made an official acknowledgement that their medication had been linked to a significant number of birth defects in clinical trials.
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The acknowledgement of the receiving party was critical to alleviating our concerns about the day to day processes involved in our deal.
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The speaker hopes that the listener will show a sign of acknowledgement giving a sign that he understands the information at which is being given to interpret.
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