adversary system

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Judicial system of trial in English legal system (practiced in Great Britain, most commonwealth countries, and the US except the US state of Louisiana, and Canada's Quebec province). In this system, a case is argued by two opposing sides who have the primary responsibility for finding and presenting facts. The prosecutor tries to prove the defendant is guilty, and the defendant's attorney argues for the defendant's acquittal. The case is then decided by a judge (or a jury) who does not investigate the facts but acts as an umpire. Also called accusatorial procedure. See also inquisitorial system.

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The adversary system was something that I never wanted to be a part of because I did not like judges, or trust them.
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You need to understand how the adversary system works and try to figure out any ways to use it to your advantage.
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You should try and make sure that you are doing things within the adversary system and that they are being done right.
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