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1.General: Collective amount, sum, or mass arrived-at by adding or putting together all components, elements, or parts of an assemblage or group, without implying that the resulting total is whole (contains everything that should be in it).
2.Construction: Granular mineral material (such as sand, gravel, crushed stone) used with a bonding medium (such as cement or clay) to make concrete, plaster, or terrazzo mixture.

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  • The pieces were small and easily breakable, but in aggregate they formed a sturdy, long-lasting, and low-cost product that consumers were happy with.

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  • The lowly research assistant was required to spend a great deal of time creating an aggregate of all the data collected by the other researchers.

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  • John wanted to know the aggregate amount of wood in the wood pile by the garage so he went out and counted the wood to be certain.

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