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Step by step procedure designed to perform an operation, and which (like a map or flowchart) will lead to the sought result if followed correctly. Algorithms have a definite beginning and a definite end, and a finite number of steps. An algorithm produces the same output information given the same input information, and several short algorithms can be combined to perform complex tasks such as writing a computer program. A cookbook recipe, a diagnosis, a problem solving routine, are some common examples of simple algorithms. Suitable for solving structured problems (amenable to sequential analysis) algorithms are, however, unsuitable for problems where value judgments are required.
See also heuristics and lateral thinking.

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The scientists required an algorithm that would allow them to figure out the problem in an orderly, numerical and precise manner, resulting in a conclusive answer.
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Every time you run a computer program, the program runs an algorithm of codes, which results in functions being operated at certain orders based on conditions written in such code.
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To solve a Rubiks cube you must learn various algorithms that move a specific block but returns to its starting position after a certain number of turns.
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