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1. Human resource management: Sense of estrangement felt by employees, reflected in their lack of warmth towards the organization and in believing that their job/work is not meaningful to other aspects of their lives. Alienation is caused commonly by factors such as a lack of involvement in even basic decision making, lack of human contact, little hope for betterment, and a feeling of powerlessness.
2. Law: Voluntary, complete, and without-reserve conveyance, sale, or transfer of an asset or property from one party to another. In a loan agreement or insurance policy, a borrower's or insured's right of alienation is usually restricted by inclusion of alienation clause.

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I did suffer alienation as my IQ was so high I could not relate to my fellow colleagues and coworkers.
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Mary Anne grew more and more disillusioned with her job every day, and her growing feelings of alienation caused her to shy away from everyone, even those she used to consider friends.
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Alienation of coworkers will only result in a cycle of negative morale and decreased productivity; employers should work to ensure that all of their employees are being included by their peers.
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