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Request, usually by a party losing a case in a lower court to a higher (appellate) court, to reverse or modify the lower court's decision. Appellate courts, in general, deal with a appeal by notionally rehearing the case through the trial notes (transcripts) before calling any witnesses. The appellant usually has to post an appeal-bond, to pay for the appellee's expenses in case the appeal is unsuccessful. In some civil cases, a winning party may appeal for an award of a larger sum in damages.

Use 'appeal' in a Sentence

Jenn got mad when she realized Alex had more appeal than her boyfriend because he was smart, funny, wealthy, polite, and honest.
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Despite receiving negligent representation from his his attorney at trial, Jason's conviction for manslaughter was upheld by the higher court on appeal.
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The appeal by the attorney was expected as the plea bargain was determined to be unfair and unacceptable so a new course of action was required.
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