application program



Complete, self-contained computer program (usually a commercially produced, shrinkwrapped software) that performs a specific useful task, other than system maintenance functions (which are performed by utility programs). Called 'Apps' for short, application programs are the most familiar forms of software and come in a very wide variety of types (such as accounting programs, database programs, graphics and illustration programs, word processing programs). Also called application software.

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  • The application program was written and designed by the software engineer who left our company 5 years ago, but he can still be contacted if we need him.

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  • The application program for the NBC Paige Program was a constant source of frustration for Kenneth as he didn't have a smart phone.

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  • History has seen an alteration in the application program which at one time took many computers to run a single application now, application programs or apps are accessible on the go and fit right into the palm of individual on their smart phone.

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