assembly line

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A manufacturing tool, first made popular by Henry Ford in his manufacturing of automobiles. The principle of an assembly line is that each worker is assigned one very specific task, which he or she simply repeats, and then the process moves to the next worker who does his or her task, until the task is completed and the product is made. It is a way to mass produce goods quickly and efficiently. All workers do not have to be human; robotic workers can make up an assembly line as well.

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Some products can be made using an assembly line which will allow the process to be run much more smoothly.
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Working on an assembly line can be painstaking work, especially when you have to stand up all day and do repetitious work, also, it can be dangerous if a person does not stay focused and alert at all times.
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The factory used an assembly line to make it easier for the workers to produce its products, and doubled their profits in the past year.
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