associate's degree

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Two-year college degree from a community college, university, college, or career school. Associate's degrees are normally earned with about sixty college credits, including general education courses, electives, and courses required toward a specific college major. Most associate's degrees are awarded in business, health, engineering, information technology or early childhood education, and may include an Associate of the Arts degree, Associate of Science degree, or an Associate of Applied Science degree. The recipient of an associate's degree can then transfer the credits toward a four year, bachelor's degree program.

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I was glad that I worked hard and finally attained my associate's degree because it meant I could get a really good job now.
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The applicant had earned an associate's degree in computer science so we knew he had some understanding of our current systems.
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Martha was proud to receive her Associate's Degree in Cosmetology after two years of taking classes at her local community college.
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