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1. A person who is connected with others in a business; co-worker. "Jim and Mary are my associates at the company."
2. A worker in a particular department. "Bill is a sales associate, while Jane is a marketing associate."
3. To spend time with a person or on an activity. "In order to bond as co-workers, we wanted to make sure that we associate outside of the workplace as well, so we make sure to schedule team outings and parties."

Use 'associate' in a Sentence

As a manager at the company, it is difficult for me to associate with my employees outside the office in the evenings or on weekends.
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My associate and I would like to invite you to our business lunch meeting to discuss the new clients we just recieved.
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The man and his associate went out to eat and they met a nice waitress at the restaurant that liked neither of them.
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