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1. Marketing: A characteristic or feature of a product that is thought to appeal to customers. Attributes usually represent a manufacturer's or a seller's perspective and not necessarily that of a customer. Attributes of instant coffee, for example, may include its aroma, flavor, color, caffeine content, packaging and presentation, price, shelf-life, source, etc. Attributes have only two possible ratings (negative or positive) expressed as acceptable or unacceptable, desirable or undesirable, good or bad, etc.
2. Engineering: A visual but nondimensional characteristic that is quantified by applying a numerical scale (such as Likert Scale) between the two extreme values, such as acceptable-not acceptable, good-bad, or satisfactory-unsatisfactory.
3. Statistics: A characteristic of a system for which numerical measurements cannot be made and therefore (irrespective of its importance) cannot be treated as a variable in quantitative analysis.

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The marketing campaign highlighted the attribute that they believed would convince the most potential consumers to purchase the product.
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Most scientists and the general public attribute the rising tides and global temperature raising to humans industry, and CO2 emissions.
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His best attribute was that he was able to forget rejection and go up to the next girl he saw at the bar over and over again.
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