attribution theory



Concept that people make sense of their surroundings on the basis of what they consider is the cause and what is the effect of a phenomenon. It suggests that individuals observe their own behavior or experience, try to figure out what caused it, and then (whether or not their conclusion is in fact correct) shape their future behavior accordingly. If a consumer, for example, has had bad experience with a locally-made product (and good experience with an imported one) he or she may conclude that the bad product is bad because it is locally made.

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  • Knowing how your products may fall under the attribution theory will give you the best gameplan for how to use them.

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  • I was interested in attribution theory because many people actually think that the bottle is hard and solid when it actually exists in their minds only.

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  • When trying to forecast how things play out you need to take the attribution theory into account for your predictions.

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