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1.Pressed, compressed, or tied bundle of a commodity or merchandise, usually wrapped in an outer covering. Bale is a common term used in many English-speaking and non-English speaking countries for varying weights of goods ranging from agricultural produce to paper: (1) Running bale is a bundle of anything of any weight. (2) Standard bale weighs 500 pounds (226.8 kilograms) gross or 478 pounds (216.8 kilograms) net. (3) Cotton bale weighs 396.6 pounds (180 kilograms) in Brazil, 730 pounds (331.1 kilograms) in Egypt and the UK, 392 pounds (177.8 kilograms) in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, and 480 pounds (217.7 kilograms) in the US. (4) Paper bale contains 5 reams (2,500 sheets).
2.Dry material carrying capacity of a ship's hold.

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