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Rate at which electronic signals can travel through a medium, such as a wire, cable, or channel. Bandwidth may be thought of as the width of the 'pipe' through which data travels: greater the width, larger the amount of data that can flow through it. Technically, it means the difference between two frequencies. In analog transmission (such as of voice signals over copper telephone lines) bandwidth is measured in cycles per second (or Hertz); for example, a telephone conversation requires about 4,000 Hertz (4KHz) of bandwidth. In digital transmission (such as of data from one computer to another) bandwidth is measured in bits per second (BPS); for example, modern modems can send and receive data at 56,000 bps (56 Kbps) over ordinary telephone lines.
For the same amount of data, digital transmission requires more bandwidth than the analog transmission, and different types of data require very different bandwidths. For example, full motion video normally requires about 10 million bits per second (10 Mbps) bandwidth which is sufficient to carry 1,200 simultaneous telephone conversations.

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The IT department decided to increase the office's bandwidth when several employees complained that they could not download or upload information as quickly as they needed to every day.
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There wasn't enough bandwidth for the family to be able to download the new software they needed in time to stream the live event.
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Tom called to complain to his cable company due to the lack of reliable bandwidth he needed to run his business.
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