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1. Metric unit of atmospheric pressure equal to 14.50 pounds per square inch (lb/in2), 1.02 kilograms per square centimeter (kg/cm2), 29.53 inches of mercury (in Hg), or 0.9869 atmosphere. In engineering, the term 'bar gauge' (barG) is used to indicate that the pressure is read from a pressure gauge (which actually measures the difference between the fluid's pressure and the atmospheric pressure).
2. Long, solid-metal form, generally having a cross section of about 100 square centimeters. Steel bars come in two forms: (1) Merchant bars include rounds, flats, angles, squares and channels, and (2) Reinforcing bars (rebar) are used in strengthening concrete in large structures.
3. Body of practicing lawyers in a jurisdiction.
4. Fully or partially submerged sand bank along a shore or at the mouth of a river which often obstructs navigation.

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It is unclear whether the packets of potato chips the airline offers to the first class passengers are the same as the packets on sale at grocery stores, given that they appear correctly inflated at altitude when the pressure in the cabin is only around 0.8 bar.
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We went to the bar the other day and drank a little too much, which caused us to have headaches in the morning.
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You need to always keep the bar high so that everyone is trying to achieve the most that they possibly can.
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