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1. General: Approach to psychology based on the belief that all human actions and responses can be explained in terms of reflexes conditioned by reward and punishment (carrot and stick). Drawing largely on the works of the US psychologists John B. Watson (1878-1958) and S. F. Skinner (1904-90), it regards unambiguously observable and measurable behavior as the only basis for scientific psychological investigation, and ignores consciousness and introspection.
2. Human resource management: System of beliefs on which the practice of employee motivation through wage and other incentives is based.

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After researching the reward system with children I have determined that all humans, children and adults alike, adjust their behaviorism to receive the reward.
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The psychologist I went to believed in behaviorism as a philosophy to explain human action but the psychiatrist I had seen before believed in the Freudian theory.
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When someone does something that you expect they will do they are showing an example of behaviorism as they act out they way you expect.
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