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1. General: Advantage, privilege, right, or financial reimbursement (such as that made under an insurance policy, medical plan, or pension plan).
2. Finance: Desirable and measurable outcome or result from an action, investment, project, resource, or technology.
3. Marketing: Desirable attribute of a good or service, which a customer perceives he or she will get from purchasing. Whereas vendors sell features ("high speed drill bit with tungsten-carbide tip"), buyers seek the benefit (the holes).

Use 'benefit' in a Sentence

I attended the benefit dance last March 12th, where over a million dollars was raised to benefit research for cystic fibrosis.
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Elliott was the first to admit that telecommuting had its downside, but not having a daily commute was a definite benefit of his new situation .
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We were able to benefit from our insurance policy in several ways when our house flooded in the massive floods last year.
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