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1. Document evidencing one party's indebtedness to another, such as an invoice.
2. Draft of a proposed statute (Act Of Parliament) which must be approved by both houses of the legislature and signed by the Head Of State (such as a President) to become a law.
3. Short name for bill of exchange which is a party's order to another party to pay a certain sum on a certain date.
4. Short name for due-bill which is a statement of money owed in securities trading.
5. Short name for bill of exchange, bill of lading, or treasury bill.

Use 'bill' in a Sentence

I had to deliver a hand written bill to the homeowner so we could get the contractor paid for his service timely.
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I'm gonna send you the bill to pay for my medical expenses if we get injured because you are driving too crazy.
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The bill came to the table where the family was seated they were a large group so the tip was already calculated in the total amount due at the bottom of the bill.
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