Definitions (2)

1.Brief announcement (usually not more than 10 seconds long) identifying the sponsors. It is broadcast at the beginning and/or at the end of a sponsored radio or television program.
2.Large outdoor advertisement (usually 12 feet x 25 feet) for which rent is charged according to three factors: (1) the amount of traffic that passes its location, (2) its visibility, and (3) its size.

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  • As we neared Chicago on our interstate drive, we passed at least five billboards advertising season tickets for the city's various sports teams.

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  • You could try to put up a billboard in a well trafficked area to market your product to a lot of people.

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  • Since the business was in the process of relocating to a much larger facility with state highway frontage, they took advantage of the passing traffic by placing a billboard at a nearby on/off ramp.

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