bond paper

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Durable, strong, and opaque paper used for writing, typing, printing, and photocopying, it is well suited for office stationery by being free from fuzz and having good finish. Available in basis weight from 13 pounds to 24 pounds (in 17 x 22 inch sheets) it is made with 20 percent to 100 percent cotton rag, and was originally used primarily for bond and share certificates. A ream of 500 sheets of 20-pound bond paper weighs about five pounds.

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We ordered the bond paper and fortunately our secretary was in the office to receive the supplies exactly when they arrived.
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If you are making a very important notice or memo you may want to use bond paper so that it will look more professional.
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We had bond paper shipped to us, which was really strong and durable and great for writing a short story on.
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