Restarting a computer or its operating system software. It is of two types (1) Cold booting: when the computer is started after having been switched off. (2) Warm booting: when the operating system alone is restarted (without being switched off) after a system crash or 'freeze.' Both types of booting clear out (for the time being) the bugs, bombs, memory conflicts, and other idiosyncrasies of the operating system.

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  • While my computer is booting up, I like to work on manual task since it can take a few minutes, although I've never understood why the booting process takes so long, since it's just my computer starting up.

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  • You may need to try booting your computer from time to time if it is working slowly or is crashing.

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  • He began booting the computers for each of the thirty employees before they arrived at the call centre to begin work.

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