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Denial of seats to passengers with confirmed tickets for an overbooked flight. As a general (and legal) practice, airlines issue more tickets than available-seats to prevent losses due to no-show passengers. Bumped passengers are usually offered a higher booking class (first class instead of economy, for example) on a next flight, vouchers for cash or tickets for future travel, and/or hotel accommodation (as detailed in the carrier's contract of carriage). Air cargo and luggage too is bumped as airlines prefer to carry passengers (if available) than goods because, pound for pound, fares bring in more revenue than freight.
Shipping and trucking companies bump low freight-rate cargo for the high freight-rate one.

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Bumping did occur on the flight and since we flew coach we were the unlucky passengers whose flight was effectively delayed.
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Sometimes you may have to be the one that gets the bumping and this may cause you to miss an important meeting after you miss the flight.
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One look at the twisting, seemingly endless line to the airline ticket counter, and the passenger knew, even before he got to the top of the line, that he would be one of a number of bumped passengers, although in this case he did not mind the bumping, and actually enjoyed his delayed trip home in first class.
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