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I was a proud business owner and everyone else could tell because it was pretty evident in the way I carried myself.
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Robert quit his job because he wanted to start his own company, make his own decisions, and have first right to profit-- he wanted to be a business owner.
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As the business owner for this local store, no further changes will be made to the storefront without requesting personal permission from me.
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Business Owner's Actions
"We find it meaningful when an owner cares about whom he sells to. We like to do business with someone who loves his company, not just the money that a sale will bring him (though we certainly understand why he likes that as well). When this emotional attachment exists, it signals that important qualities will likely be found within the business: honest accounting, pride of product, respect for customers, and a loyal group of associates having a strong sense of direction. The reverse is apt to be true, also. When an owner auctions off his business, exhibiting a total lack of interest in what follows, you will frequently find that it has been dressed up for sale, particularly when the seller is a "financial owner." And if owners behave with little regard for their business and its people, their conduct will often contaminate attitudes and practices throughout the company."
- Warren Buffett

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