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1. Quality: (1) Determination whether or not the characteristics of an assembly, component, or material are within specifications. (2) Matching or reconciliation of a measuring device of unverified accuracy with another device that is known (verified) to be of standard or superior accuracy. Any difference found between their accuracies is used to adjust the first (unverified) device.
2. Plans: Comparison of a mathematical or theoretical model's predictions with the actual data, and the adjustment of its underlying assumptions or equations to achieve a better fit with the reality.

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I stepped on the scales and it said I weighed 350 pounds, it was obviously out of calibration, since I have never weighed more than 200 pounds.
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I wanted to be sure everything was matching optimally with regards to the intricate business relationship so we focused on calibration.
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Before I could play the game, the remote required some calibration in order to remain steady while I played it.
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