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1.General: Specific ability of an entity (person or organization) or resource, measured in quantity and level of quality, over an extended period.
2.Banking: Borrower's ability to repay a debt on a timely basis, determined by deducting total cash outflows from the borrowers total income during (usually) a month.
3.Law: Legal ability of an entity (person or organization) to perform an act, such as creating a binding contract.
4.Manufacturing: Highest sustainable output rate (maximum number of units per month, quarter, or year) that can be achieved with current resources, maintenance strategies, product specifications, etc. See also engineered capacity.
5.Telecommunications: Highest possible reliable transmission rate that can be carried on A channel, circuit, or equipment.

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  • If a manufacturing plant has hit their capacity for producing a given item in order to meet demands, it would be wise for the company in charge either to slow down advertising for a short period of time and offer a back-order system of ordering or to open an additional manufacturing plant to meet the high demand.

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  • The capacity of the individual for exceptional work was quite high so we felt motivation was the primary factor for his success.

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  • I did not know if the two overweight men coming on our ship would overload our weight capacity and cause us to sink.

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