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1. Communications: Company that offers communication services (usually to a few corporate customers) over land-wire, sea cable, mobile (cellular), point-to-point microwave, and/or satellite systems.
2. Insurance: Company that underwrites and issues an insurance policy, or is responsible for the administration of a range of insurance policies.
3. Shipping: Company that transports goods and/or people by air, land, or sea, in its own or chartered vessels or equipment, and is named as the carrier in the contract of carriage.

Use 'carrier' in a Sentence

It is important that you always get a reliable carrier for your goods so that no damages happen along the way.
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My carrier covers most of the world, and has very few uncovered areas; although I am unsure if I can get service around the Arctic Circle.
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When you are shipping a valuable product you must choose a carrier with a good reputation for gentle care and speed.
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