caveat emptor

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Tacit warning to the buyers that the sellers are not bound to volunteer negative information about the items they are selling. It is assumed that (unless the seller gives express warranty) the buyer takes all risk of any loss due to defects in the goods or property being bought. Latin for, let the buyer beware. Mirror image of caveat venditor.

Use 'caveat emptor' in a Sentence

Property investment comes with the inherent risk of caveat emptor, therefore it is important to learn as much as possible about the property prior to purchase.
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While he was sure he had learned a valuable lesson from purchasing the overpriced hotel room with an ocean view, he had to admit that learning the truth of the phrase caveat emptor was hardly worth the three-mile hike in his swimsuit.
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I never trust people who try to sell me products with caveat emptor disclaimers and who have never even used the product themselves.
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